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SHYFT was the last pivot we reached as we sought product market fit. 


Product Summary

SHYFT is a place for conscious consumers to discover wellness, beauty, and fashion brands that share similar lifestyle and values. 

Insight From user Feedback

Everyone is an influencer to some extent: The most effective kind of marketing is done at the dinner table as one friend brags about a newly found brand/prodcut to another. It's reliable and filled with authentic interest. There's no catch.



  • Finding transparent information about new products/brands that align with your lifestyle or beliefs can be time consuming 
  • No easy, stress free way to discover new brands
  • Building relationships with regular people that act as micro-influencers has shown to be 5X more efficient than with established "social influencers"
  • It's not about followers, micro-influencers' power lies in their authenticity, trustworthiness, and familiarity - which is key to reach their millennial network


User Audience

User Profile- conscious consumers in wellness, beauty and fashion, millennials (primarily women, ages 20-34), early adopters, trendsetters, care about what and who they buy from

Brand Profile- mission driven brands focused in wellness, beauty and fashion, new/growing, exciting and fresh brands/products


Brand Image

SHYFT's name embodies the movement (shift) or positive change we want to see in ourselves, people, or environment around us. SHYFT is transparent, exciting and caring. 

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We reused a lot of our assets from the previous versions. In SHYFT's case, we reused most of the colors with the exception of making the pink bolder. We kept the same style of font for the logo- simple, bold but with a different San Serif font. The icon for SHYFT was something we played around with. We felt that the icon could go any direction, that it didn't necessarily have to have the same feel as the logo. 

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Landing Page

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We kept the same design of the onboarding. We switched out the questions but the behavior was the same as the previous version. The onboarding was a place we felt the developer shouldn't have to spend too much time to improve. Since this was a pivot, we wanted to make sure we were working efficiently and the design was not too complex.

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Home Feed

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Brand Profile

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User Profile

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Icon Illustrations

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