Flat Packed Toilet


This design project focused on refining re.source's low-cost, portable container-based toilet. The goal of this project was to produce an efficient flat pack toilet from a single sheet of plastic (96"x48"). Contributions to this project primarily focused on designing and prototyping the main housing.

It was important as a designer to be human centered in order to make a product that users would want to have in their homes. Though targeted at communities with already poor access, the aim was to provide a product that also stood on its own in terms of appeal. 

Based on insights generated from research and a service pilot in Haiti, we established the following design constraints: low cost, a frame strong enough for 200lb., affordance for ventilation, resilience to heavy impact environments,  a minimum size of 15"x15"x18", and an easy way to access the container.




resource image 1.jpg
resource image 2.jpg
resource image 3.jpg
resource image 4.png

Rapid Prototypes

resource image 5.jpg

High Resolution Prototype