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Introducing #beauty

The Pivot

Previously Luli, two things changed with this pivot: the name and switching over to web. #beauty, resonated with our audience whereas Luli did not. When they heard the name '#beauty' it was obvious to them that the product had something to do with the beauty industry. Luli did not convey the same meaning. 

We initially started the product on iOS but felt that web would better serve us at that time. We were limited on resources and starting on web would allow faster iteration. *Neither myself and my fellow co-founder are developers. 


Product Summary

#beauty is the destination where stakeholders in the beauty industry go to make new connections, share their interactive portfolio, connect with buyers and suppliers, hire/apply for jobs, collect referrals, promote events, and discuss their product preferences.



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User Profile Mockups

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User Profile

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Other Screens

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Landing Page

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Redesigning #beauty

Logo + Icon

The form icon was too detailed for its size. The bobby pin icon was only clear if the image was blown up, otherwise it was just a random skinny hashtag. We designed the new icon to be simple and clear. The logo was upgraded to something more artistic and different. Our users loved the abstract look of the new logo. 



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User Profile

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Other Screens

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Landing Page

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#beauty 2.0

The Pivot

There is an endless sea of information out there to help early influencers organize themselves to grow their career, but the info is scattered (hard to find), not always reliable (too subjective), and often not specific enough to drive an action (tells you what you need but not exactly how you can do it).

Our users are often passionate about the content they create or even about the creative process of delivering it, but they consider overwhelming having to learn the technical details of growth/marketing.

Our users are visual communicators, trend seekers, choose fun and easy to use products, and are usually avoid complex products for their growth needs.

We assume that technology can help in finding people and content to learn from, structuring and guiding the making of a game-plan, and provide easy automation tools for  early growth. This would allow the process to be less painful, more focused on producing creative content, and boost the efficiency of their promotional efforts.

Goal: Effectively make the process of starting out as an influencer more structured, fun, and efficient.



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Home Feed

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Explore View

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Topic View

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