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Product Summary

Crypto Tracker is an Android app that allows users to track the price movement of crypto currencies.  

  • 4.6 star review with over 5,538 reviews on Google Play
  • 40,000+ daily active users
  • 100,000+ installs

The team- Jose Pons Vega, developer and Gao Nou Moua, designer



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Some pain points we identified users experiencing from existing apps included:

  • hard to get an overview
  • slow
  • ux/ui was inconsistent
  • missing graphs



Create an app that has the following:

  • graphs
  • frequent price updates
  • glanceable UI
  • easy for beginners, useful for pros
Wireframe 1- Home Screen @3x.png

V1 Wireframe

Due to the nature of this project and the amount of time we could dedicate in developing it, the minimal viable product would have the following:

  • show the price movement of crypto currencies
  • update frequently
  • list prices for as many currencies as possible in a list
V1 Feed.png

V1 Design

The final MVP included one screen, showing the feed, and a pop-up for feedback. 

We went with a simple UI and card containers for displaying crypto info. This allowed for quick visual scanning and served as an organized layout. Users could easily identify a coin and at the same time quickly assess the price movement.


V2 + V3 + V4 DESIGN

V2- With positive feedback and slow but constant growth, we decided to release a search feature. Based on feedback, it was something that was easily doable and fast to implement without needing to spend too much design or development resources.

V3-  Shortly after, we released Favorites and a sorting option that would allow our users to sort by favorites, market cap, price change, etc.. 

V4- We released the graph feature. The graph showed the price movements by day, week, month, year and lifetime. 

V1 Graph.png

The next Big Release

With feedback flooding in and our numbers growing, we felt that we were finally stable enough and had a good user base to begin developing bigger features. Based on user feedback the top three most requested features were: portfolio, widget and alert. Being that portfolio was the number one most requested feature we began the design process for it.

We started with a simple wireframe to get a sense of how many screens, the type of information needed, and a feel of the user experience.



Portfolio Wireframe.png

Portfolio Mockups

Portfolio Mockups.png

Final Portfolio Design

Final Portfolio Design.png

Latest Major Updates

Portfolio Pie Chart-  In response to the release of the Portfolio feature, a lot of our users asked for a way to visually display the distribution of their investments. Thus, creating a pie chart showing the percentage of their portfolio investment. 

Multiple Portfolios + Tabs- Shortly after releasing the pie chart we released Multiple Portfolios. Along with our users, we believed that having multiple portfolios would be a useful addition. From talking to our users and reading feedback, we learned that a lot of our users keept track of their family's portfolios or for themselves tend to have separate portfolios. 

After mocking up some designs of possible multiple portfolios layouts, we proceeded with user testing. Based on their feedback, we were able to make a final decision. 

Multiple Portfolios.png

What We've Learned So Far

  • having a minimum of features per releases has allowed us to be more agile, iterate faster, and learn faster, minimizing mistakes
  • minimize the number of actions it takes to perform an action, keep UX simple
  • keep the way certain financial aspects are displayed consistent

New UI Sneak Peak

We wanted to give the look an update. Something sleek and give it more of an identity. The user experience remains unchanged as that is something we feel very confident about and something that our users love. Not to say that the UX will always remain the same, as we release new features in the future it may affect the UX. In the meantime, we felt that it was necessary to change the look to enhance readability. The new look includes new fonts, colors and padding/spacing. 

New UI.png